Schubert Winterreise





Winterreise is a cycle of 24 songs that Schubert wrote in 1827 based on a text by Wilhelm Müller. The narrative character in Winterreise is a young man. After losing a loved one, he travels through a winter landscape, searching for peace, but haunted and haunted by memories. He eventually finds peace of mind when he meets Leiermann (death) on a frozen lake. Winterreise is one of those masterpieces that touches you deep inside.

Christianne Stotijn: 'Winterreise, like Mahler's Lied von der Erde and Urlicht, is a work that has been traveling with me for 25 years. The very first time I heard my teacher Udo Reinemann sing it and the second time he sang it completely differently with different tempi. I saw that the piece grows along with it, shapes with it, is rooted in distant depths or is a comfort in this turbulent existence.'